14th Street Manhattan 1940s

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My sleeping pattern is the worst.

You look amazing with a shaved head, very beautiful and sexy!! Joseph

Aww thank you

Hardly jealous after stating true facts about your gross self. Butthurt

You’re a very insecure person.

you have bad skin, you're mental, you look like a man, you're out of proportion, your piercings are grotesque, along with your saggy ears, your nose is huge, your tattoos look dreadful, when you smile your top gum is on show, that's just ugly in itself along with the fact you look like an escaped mental patient with that butch shaved head of yours. Let's face it, you've got nothing going for you, along with that non payed tattoo "job" you've got. what a joke. Need I go on?

You sound a bit butt hurt and jealous. I would hardly call my tattoos dreadful, and I’m learning to do something I have always wanted whilst I work in my favourite music venue. I have more going for me than you. You sit hiding as an anon because you’re not ballsy enough to show who you are, partly because you know what you’re doing is low and sad, and really mean. Luckily for me I know I’m fairly pretty and I feel amazing that I shaved all of my hair off for a great charity.