Not as minging as you skanky

You’re hilarious.

Love the blog. And hope you don't mind me saying, but you're beyond adorable.

Aww, thank you. No that’s sweet.

Tattoo I did the other day. On a melon but I think it looks alright. Picking it up fairly quick I think considering this is my 3rd fruit.

Timestamp: 1397250869

Work in progress.

Timestamp: 1397250824


I bet you look like a right minger.

I need more leg tattoos. They look so bare.

Soooo much drawing to do. So little time.

Do you think it's that Morgana girl sending them nasty anons? Just I know she used to all the time. Whoever it is though, ignore it X

Haven’t a clue. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was. Yeah I know to ignore it. 


Another view.

Timestamp: 1397215157


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