I think you suit the shaved head. Ignore anyone else. You done a brave and wonderful thing x

Thank you :)

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It dosen't counteract the fact that you are fugly and a basket case does it? No.

Rather ugly in appearance than in personality. Im hardly a basket case. Do you even know me?


Drink Me may include the side affects

- Dizziness

- Hallucinations

- Seeing Rabbits run down a role

- Painting white roses red

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Some of my favorite shots from Ashley Osborn

Love Vanna.
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Why have you basically put a giant ball on your chin? It looks like a giant wart and as for your hair, you look like a man.

I have a stretched labret piercing? And what? Im sure I look 10 times better with a shaved head than you. Not that I even care; I done it for a charity at the of the day.

I have balls. I do spontanious things without a fuck and you’re too scared to come off anon. What a ponse.

Shaved my hair off charity yesterday.

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